A Month Without Sugar

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Could You go a Month without Sugar?

Many people are making New Year’s resolutions intended to get healthy and fit.  Part of that may include reducing sweets or reducing consumption of sugar and Carbs.  Is this you or is this something you’ve considered?

No sugar how and why

A month without sugar, what would that mean?  Would you be hangry, frustrated, irritable, most likely, yes?  Our addiction to sugar is real! Sugar is the fuel of the body, but to be honest, we are giving our bodies way too much fuel.  We don’t have to look at obtaining sugar the way a company would.  Southwest Airlines hedges fuel to optimize its operations going forward.  For many, this is exactly how we treat our bodies. We eat a lot more than we should and we consume a lot of sugar and carbs.  Our bodies simply take the excess fuel and store it as fat.  We gain weight in the primary storage areas of our bodies. 

Ketosis in simple terms

Ketosis, what is ketosis, I am not going to get super technical but in layman’s terms, it is a state where your body reaches a point that leads it to become efficient.  I would call it a reset to factory standards.  Fat is a fuel source that our bodies can use quite efficiently for energy.  Our bodies have become lazy, and it does not have to utilize fat. Our bodies are constantly being fed sugar and carbs.  So, our bodies take what it needs for the moment and store the rest.  Ideally, we would eat a larger portion in the morning, and we go out to complete the tasks of the day. 

For example, you eat a big breakfast, and you go out looking for food, you have no more food available, so your fat reserves from overconsuming get utilized because you are out walking for miles and miles looking for your next meal.  This is kind of how our bodies were designed to function.  Fat is fuel to keep going during food scarcity, now there is still food scarcity, but for many, this is just not true.  Food for many is not scarce it is just not what you want to eat.  All-day we snack on crackers, chips, candies, cheese, etc., but our bodies are often not getting the activity it needs to utilize the excess that we have consumed.


Give your body instructions, don’t let it rule over you.

Our bodies have become storage units, not the efficient biological masterpieces they were designed to be.  There are so many options, and there are good sugars and good carbs, but with all good things, we should do them in moderation.  Part of removing sugar from your diet and seeking something like ketosis is the effect on our bodies and minds.  Many times, you are sitting there working and what are you thinking about, what’s in the vending machine or what you will eat next.  Food is on your mind, and you lose focus, our bodies have the fuel, but we’ve trained our bodies to be lazy.  Why would I utilize this fat when I know they will give me carbs if I keep pushing the button?  Our bodies will go for the easy route just like we will in most cases.  Having options and a plan is how you can succeed.  Trust me this is challenging, but with a plan and a little bit of discipline, it can be done.

Prep for Success

Start off by meal prepping, eating right in the morning it sets up your day in the right direction.  If you start with doughnuts, you will finish with something like it for the rest of the day.  Plan with proteins, vegetables, low glycemic fruits, nuts, cheeses, and things that will nourish your body.  When you count the calories, you can usually eat a lot more when you eat healthily, but you usually don’t have to because it’s filling.

For example, I start a day that is busy with a keto low carb bagel, a fried egg, two slices of bacon, and some cheddar cheese.  This meal gives me enough energy to work out and get well into my busy day.  I grab a protein shake to have after I work out and I am usually good and have to remind myself to eat lunch.  Then I have some nuts and berries as an afternoon snack.  Then I have a low-carb meal ready to go for example I make a low-carb chili and put it in the crockpot before I leave in the morning.

You could also have a sweet tooth, tho be honest who doesn’t.  How to handle this most sweets have sugar right?  There are options, such as mixes, cookies, brownies, cinnamon rolls.  Maybe you need a set it and forget it try a subscription box.

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