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No Added Sugar, Keto Bakery

We are a specialty bakery that is focused on keto/low carb with no added sugar, gluten-free, and vegan desserts. Our journey started off as a father and daughter sharing quality time in the kitchen baking. As our lives changed, we adjusted due to allergies and a commitment to improving our health, starting with what we eat.

We started off researching and seeing what was out there. Many of the products that we tasted in these areas simply did not meet our expectations; so, we worked to develop recipes that did. We started out with gluten-free and vegan cookies because our daughter has dairy, eggs, and gluten allergies.

Our goal was to take our ideas on taste and flavor and make them our own, and to make a tough situation for an eight-year-old better! When we developed a recipe that was so good that she thought she had to take some enzymes to combat the effects, we knew we finally nailed it.

Our Recipe

Our mission was to make something that people crave, but remained good for them and their lifestyle. No matter how much we have grown, we bake all our products in small batches, to ensure the best possible quality and flavor. Just for you.

We Focus on Keto/Low Carb Desserts

When we decided to cut back on the sweets and reduce carbs by adopting the keto lifestyle in our own lives, we simply started to bake things that we missed eating. We developed recipes that were healthier versions of popular desserts we all love. We like erythritol/monk fruit and allulose because we found these sweeteners do not impact blood sugar.

Our Keto Cookies include:

We started out with baking cookies, but we know to stay in the keto/low carb lifestyle, people need more options. So, we added Keto Brownies, and not just Fudge Brownie Bites, but also:

About Kai's Baking Studio

Fan Favorites
There were so many things we missed eating after we started Keto! Our menu grew and grew because of this to the point where we had to scale back. We kept the items that have made our customers happy. Our best-selling breakfast line includes bagels and cinnamon rolls - which are truly fan favorites. Our keto cakes and cheesecakes keep our ovens going because there is always a birthday or other celebration happening every day.

Keto Cakes

We have Keto Cake flavors that include Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate with Peanut Butter Buttercream Icing, Chantilly, Italian Wedding, Carrot, and Red Velvet.

We are always looking for something new to add so please be sure to follow us online and on social media so you will be the first to know when we drop something new or bring back a favorite!