Keto Scout-Inspired Cookies

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Keto Scout-Inspired Cookies.


Resolution Sabotage


Why do you need Keto Scout- Inspired Cookies?  This is the time of the year when those cute kids come out with those cookies that we all know and love one or more types.  The only bad thing about it is that they are full of sugar and will definitely wreck your lifestyle goals.  It’s funny how they release these things, seriously a month after New Years Resolutions.  To be honest how many times have you said I’m going to be good, then you turn right around and say well I worked out so I earned a few of these.  Then a few of these turn into a whole box.  No judging, but it’s a vicious cycle.  Overconsumption is real and with these, I always seem to want to eat just a few then I look down and a whole sleeve is gone.  Shame, Shame, Shame is the game, but what to do? Get some Keto Scout-Inspired Cookies today!


The Dilemma 

Well, you can always go cold turkey, but who is good at that.  For God’s sake, they have patches for nicotine and they have meetings for almost everything else.  Maybe I should join sugarholic’s anonymous if there is such a thing.  Just kidding, but sugar addiction is real and those cute kids in vests have it to a science.  They bring order forms to work, or if you have a little one they bring it to you.  Then you have to keep those things in your house and deliver them.  Or you just see them on your way out of the store, they are everywhere!


Keto Scout-Inspired  Caramel Coconut Delights (AKA Samoas)


Well, there are options, well at least I know of some.  For years Kai’s Baking has been making scout-inspired gluten-free cookies that are buzz-worthy.  There is quite a following and let my dad tell it people are stalking him outside the bakery looking for them.  They move fast, and the season ends fast because Texas is hot and we cannot sell them when the temps go up.  So he always says they freeze well and always have some on hand during scout season.  Kai’s baking makes a few of them that are keto-friendly and at 1 net carb each you will truly think you are cheating, but you’re not.  Did I mention yet that they are quite delicious?  Our Keto Caramel Coconut has become a favorite it’s actually our best seller in the category.  It has the shortbread keto cookie with caramel chocolate and coconut, it’s shocking how close these are to the ones in the purple box. The purple box is trouble if you are low carb they are about 16 carbs per serving with 12g of sugar.  Bye, bye ketosis these cookies will kick you out, so if you are low carb then this is for you 1 net carb, no added sugar! Keto Scout-Inspired Cookies you’re welcome!


Keto Scout inspired Thin Mints

Then there is that green box the chocolate mint.  I’m telling you we can go through a sleeve in seconds and someone is usually looking for another one.  Keto Chocolate Mint Cookies our co-best seller in the scout-inspired line, they go fast if you like cookies chocolate, and mint.  What a combo, if you are into it you know already.  The only difference outside the carbs is Kai’s Baking’s Keto Chocolate Mint Cookie is soft and not crisp.  Everything else is spot on with the flavor, just a sharp reduction in carbs. The Green box has 22 carbs a serving and 10g of sugar, keto sabotage.   Stay low carb, my friends, eat more Kai’s Baking.  There are tons of recipes out there for these, but what if you don’t feel like baking?  What’s easier baking or buying the ones in the green box?  Just being real, know yourself, and plan that’s how you win during scout season.  We have another cookie, but we will only make it if you give them some love on social media #kaisbakingpbchocolate.  Then we might consider making them as well!  Well, we gave you some options for the season if you have goals and a new lifestyle to maintain you should probably try out our cookies, if you have some on hand you are less likely to give in to temptation.  It’s true, when you have options your willpower is enhanced!  You deserve something sweet get yours today!

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