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Keto Resolutions

By March 30, 2021One Comment

With a New Year comes many resolutions to get in shape and lead a healthier life. Unfortunately for many, part of that equation involves cutting out sweets. Following the low-carb keto diet, when those sweet tooth cravings can be one of the hardest things to resist.

Struggling with Cravings!

Often, giving in to these cravings is the undoing of many diets that start off with the best intentions for a healthier life. One little girl has completely changed that by baking for her father in a way that would be sugar-free, gluten-free, low carb, and keto-friendly so that he could keep up his weight loss goals without missing out on his favorite treats.

Kai Walker, now 11 years old, began baking keto treats for her dad 5 years ago. She had noticed that he was working hard to lose weight and wouldn’t eat any of the sweets she baked. So what’s a girl to do, research and see what works and what doesn’t and make something good for daddy. Upon learning what the lifestyle change was about, she took it upon herself to find a way to make the things he loved so that he could enjoy them.  This led to a shift in business, a 180-degree pivot to include a whole line of low-carb items.

Creating a Brand

Founding Kai’s Baking in Houston, her popularity has grown as a baker with a keen sense for diabetic-friendly keto snacks and treats. She bakes up a roster of delights that include things like keto cakes, brownies, and the best keto cookies.  She also created a savory line of products that are usually forbidden from low-carb diets like pizza rolls, bagels, and tamales. Those on the keto diet have been thrilled to be able to eat these foods without breaking their diet. Kai makes everything to order with a low-carb, sugar-free recipe that does not skimp on flavor.

Dedicated to Service

Kai’s fame for helping those live a healthier lifestyle while still being happy with going low-carb is spreading across the country thanks to her website. Therefore, if you are in Houston come by and check us out and see what the buzz is about, if not we ship either way we aim to please! If there’s a special treat you’ve been missing since going low carb or gluten-free, you’ll likely find it on Kai’s Baking website.  With every order, you’re helping a family-owned business thrive, helping Kai to achieve her dreams.


Kai has proven that you don’t have to give up the foods you love for a healthier lifestyle. Making people feel good through tasty foods, that have all of Houston clamoring makes Kai Smile. The best keto cookies are found with Kai’s Baking, along with cakes, brownies, bagels, and other savory keto snacks.

Kai’s Klub

Struggling with your low-carb diet decision? See why Kai’s Baking has become so popular with a subscription box of the best keto cookies. Flavors like chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, lemon, peanut butter chocolate chip, and nothing but joy are sure to bring you all the joy in the world with every bite.


Meet your weight loss and health goals this year without sacrificing taste. Kai has proven that anything is possible if you keep at it, and with absolutely delicious results.


How to have your cookies and eat them too!  Low Carb No sugar added cookies!  For those that follow the low carb keto diet, when those sweet tooth cravings arise, it can be one of the hardest things to resist

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