A Bagel for Every Mood

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A Bagel for Every Mood


Enjoy bread again with our low-carb, keto bagels. Available in three delicious flavors that open up many guilt-free meal opportunities.

A quick pick-me-up is probably what we all need when we are rushing through the morning rush hour. For our keto fanatics and lovers, who don’t like compromising on their taste palette, we have introduced a completely new range of bagels. These come in multiple varieties for your unique bagel eating preferences, which include pizzaasiago, and everything.

Low Carb Bagels

We have created low-carb, high-protein bagels for our bagel lovers who wish to try out different assortments each day of the week. With our pizza bagel topped with pepperoni and cheese, our food enthusiasts can pick their mood up with a bite of hot chewy, and cheesy goodness, which is sure to melt away in their mouths.

If it’s a crumbly texture that you’re craving to relish or if it’s a smooth buttery and cheesy bagel that you’re after, then our asiago bagel is the perfect choice to make. The flaky and powdery crust of our asiago bagel is bound to satiate your taste buds and become your all-time favorite comfort food. Ensuring our promise to stay keto and low-calorie, we bake our bagels with Almond flour to reduce the carb load our bagels on average are about six net carbs.

Healthier options

With our keto-foodies looking for healthier alternatives and with no exception of slathering dollops of cream cheese onto their bagels, we have specially created our ‘everything’ bagel for them. Our everything bagel is layered with the warmth and gooeyness of a perfectly salty and smooth cheese bagel, which is bound to leave our foodies asking for more.

Our bagels are bound to become a staple for your early-morning breakfast runs, but remember bagels are versatile and can be used to make a sandwich or topped with your favorite toppings and made into a delicious pizza bagel.  They are keto-friendly, low on carb, filling, and leave the person feeling smothered in cheesy goodness. For our Italian cheese lovers, our asiago bagel is a perfect choice, while our meat lovers can instead choose our pizza bagel, and if savory is what you are missing the everything bagel is sure to please.

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